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Many women are waiting longer to start a family and the reality is that when women are in their forty plus years they are not likely to be looking at starting a family. Many men could still consider starting a family well into their forties. This means that dating women in their forties is different to dating younger women.

Many forty plus daters will often have children from other relationships. This means that children from different families are being joined and mixed. There are many forty plus relationships comprise of step parents and step children and even grandparents are enjoying the companionship of step grandchildren.

This can bring some challenges in a relationship but as long as you and your forty plus partner work as a team it can be a lovely relationship with many mutual benefits.

Many forty plus daters are also becoming aware that their bodies are changing and that they start to notice more aches and pains and that they are not able to party as hard as they used too. As forty plus daters need to do more to keep in shape and watch there diet more than they used too.

If you have always been very body conscious this can reflect in your self confidence and create an issue with forty plus dating. Do all you can to take care of yourself when you are forty plus dating, watching your diet, ensuring a good nights sleep, drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated and getting moving with steady exercise. These measure will help your self confidence and help you to feel good about yourself. Self care is very important.

This will help you to enjoy physical intimacy as you will maintain your self confidence

Accepting your imperfections will help you to accept the imperfections of your forty plus date. Many forty plus daters have a different attitude to dating as they know what they want from life and will be wiser because of different life experiences.

Time seems to go faster as we get older and many forty plus daters realise that they don’t have a life-time for relationship happiness. This can allow you to relax and enjoy relationships more.

Even when you are forty plus there is still the desire to give and receive love.

Sarah Hussey xx


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