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When you are forty plus you know that things change when you are dating. Especially when it comes to love and forty plus relationships. Dating isn’t just a quick trip out to the movies  like it was when you were much younger.

When you are forty plus you have to act like adults. As much as you would like just act like a kid again sometimes.

The advantage is that you are older and wiser and you don’t have time for playing games.

If  you have to date a silver fox or even a sexy baldy, there are advantages.

They are normally more experienced in bed, which is a good advantage for you both . They are usually established in their career and are more financially secure.

Watch how he treats you and his money and if he treats you well and with respect.

If you want a relationship with a real forty plus man, he needs to be someone that earns his keep and is prepared to ensure that he can treat you well.  No we are not talking about being a gold digger but at least he has his financial position under control.

If he is stingy and tight then that is not a good sign. Being conservative and frugal is different to being a miser and unpleasantly mean. Is he frivolous and a show-off? This is not a good sign either and should be a red flag.

These signs and character traits that will give you insight into the relationship standards that will be apparent in later years.

When you are dating a forty plus dater they are more or less set in their ways so don’t make the mistake of thinking they will change. Meaning that you’re not likely to change them.

When a person has reached their forty plus years, their personality is now set in stone. They know who they are and any forty plus that steps in and starts trying to make then change they are in for a disappointment.

If you want to  date a forty plus dater then make sure they are fun and honest because those are very desirable qualities. Playfulness and banter can make a successful forty plus relationship.

Loyalty  is also vital as everyone one wants faithfulness in a relationship. Finding a forty plus relationship online that meets all these aspects is a great advantage and will make your forty plus life very exciting and happy.

Sarah Hussey xx

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