Do forty plus women have the advantage on Older Dating Online

Many forty plus women feel that that are at a disadvantage to younger women when it comes to dating, but the reality is slightly different depending on the type of relationship that you are looking for. Yes it is true that men like to look at young very attractive women but do they want to be in a committed long term relationship with them ?

Even though forty plus women may lose the battle of guys having a wandering eye when a young woman walks past them many forty plus smart and well groomed women have the edge over the somewhat naive girls out there.

If you have your life sorted and are independent and intelligent you are off to a flying start on the relationship stakes. Most forty plus women already know what the want and what they don’t want so they have a clear idea of their future and they are probably not looking for a man to start a family with, which certainly takes the pressure off and leaves more time for fun and adventure.

Conversation is a very sexy thing and a woman of experience in the world and more world knowledge is much better at conversation than someone who still has to learn so much about life in general.

Men may joke about the “cougar” thing, but they also smile on the inside, knowing that forty plus women appreciate sex. Better technique… more comfortable with sex in general.

And for a forty plus man who’s had a few too many unfulfilling encounters, they appreciate a mature woman who knows what it is about in bed.

Most men learn quickly to appreciate a woman that will keep them interested after they leave the bedroom.

Forty plus men know instinctively that women in their mid twenties are not in the target range of “serious relationships.” They get a woman who’s been around a bit and she shows him what it’s like to date an equal. Forty plus women are more direct about what you want from men and forty plus women play fewer head games, and they are more clear on with what matters and what doesn’t matter.

By the time you are forty plus you have the knowledge that you can probably handle whatever life throws your way. That’s not to say that you never have a bad day, but you no longer lose your cool over the minor problems that life throws at you and if the truth be told you can also sort out some of your dates problems too. You are also likely to be more resilient and to stick it out when the going gets tough and that deserves devotion.

Like a good glass of red wine you deserve to be enjoyed and cherished.

Enjoy Older Dating Online after all you have the advantage after all!!

Sarah Hussey xx

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