Do you need to give up yourself to forty plus date on Older Dating Online?

Everyday I hear forty plus women who tell me they don’t want to give up who they are for a man. The funny thing is, forty plus men would never even think of giving up who they are for a relationship.

Neither should you as a forty plus woman.

However, there are three things you should give up on if you want a successful relationship.

Give up your self-defeating attitude. What do I mean by that?

Accept yourself for the beautiful woman that you are. You have achieved a lot in your life and you deserve respect and love in a forty plus relationship.

If you don’t like the way your arms look, instead of focusing on them as flawed, be grateful that they are strong and they can hug the people that you love. Expect that people will love you just the way that you are and not for the way they expect you to be. If they don’t you don’t need them in your life.

If you are in a loving forty plus relationship then the forty plus partner should  have the ability to love the whole you and accept you just as beautiful as you are.

How many times a day do you look in the mirror and criticize yourself, saying things like, “My butt looks too big in these pants,” “I should really lose ten pounds,” or “My neck is awful?”

Stop doing this to yourself. You are starting to believe that to be worthy you need to change. Start telling yourself how truly awesome you are as a forty plus woman.

Try shifting this way of thinking by looking in your bathroom mirror every morning while telling yourself everything you either love about you or are grateful for about you in your life.


Money does not make a quality man. How a man treats you and how you feel around a man is far more important.  However the most important thing is respect, the respect that you give yourself. If you don’t respect and appreciate yourself then you will always be looking for someone else to give you the confidence to be respected.

You are a person who deserves respect both from yourself and from others.

Is your heart really open to allowing a great forty plus  man to walk into your life?
One of the scariest times is when it’s time to date.  Letting someone into your heart is scary. You’ve probably been hurt in the past when it comes to love and it didn’t feel very good, did it? So what do you do? You protect your heart, using excuses like I’m too busy to date or there are no good forty plus men to date.

It takes a lot of work to find the right forty plus man for you.

See the possibilities and the abundance of forty plus men who are out there to date you. And open your heart so love can come to you.

Sarah Hussey xx

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