Does your parents’ relationship affect our experience on Older Dating Online?

The mysteries of forty plus dating on Older Dating Online are many and varied and one of the most common things we ask ourselves goes back to our parents. Sometimes we need to be aware that our parent’s  relationship with each other and how this can affect our love life, even when we are forty plus and dating.

Relationships can be affected by many things among them is how much influence our parents have over our love life, not just in our teenage years but even as full-fledged adults.

If you have a secure attachment with your parents happy marriage and secure relationship you can be self-assured in their relationships, support their forty plus partner, and receive an equal amount of support in return.  Forty plus adult daters with this style of attachment have parents who created an ideal, nurturing environment.

Adults who had parents who were unstable in their relationship can be anxious and preoccupied in a forty plus relation and can become clingy when they feel insecure in a relationship. This can be the result of neglectful parents.

Forty plus daters who want a relationship but are also afraid of being hurt by getting too close to someone. They tend to distance themselves emotionally and can even shut down their emotions, making them more introverted. These dating adults typically grew up smothered by a parent or even had a parent who looked down on them. They distance themselves from other people because they don’t want to feel emotionally drained when they are forty plus dating.

Is the way we act in relationships solely defined by how our parents treated us? For those forty plus daters who have not had a balanced example from their parents you could be uncertain of why you can’t hold down a relationship or become convinced that you’re better off alone. However there is a solution. People can change their style of attachment. Once you recognize how you operate in relationships and realize you want to change, you can create steps to move toward a secure attachment relationship, by acknowledging and understanding your parents influence you can create new ways of being and interacting with those we love, when we are forty plus dating online.

Sarah Hussey xx

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