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Are you highly sensitive in relationships when you are forty plus dating?

Although there are many positive attributes to being sensitive in dating relationships, such as greater ability to listen and affirm, greater empathy and intuitiveness, and better understanding and acceptance of others’ wants and needs, there can also be a downside.

Aspects of high sensitivity in dating relationships which adversely affect one’s well-being.

While many forty plus daters may experience some signs of high sensitivity from time to time .

Some forty plus individuals may be highly sensitive to just one or two aspects that arise in forty plus dating, while others may be strongly affected by more aspects.  Some aspects that worry sensitive daters are worries about what others are thinking or what others think of them.

Sensitive daters can tend to take things personally and are afraid of rejection, even in relatively minor situations and they can expect negativity, such as feeling that they will not be liked by a date, these feelings can lead to negative emotions.

When sensitive daters feel that they are not appreciated on a date they find it hard to `let it go’ and they feel hurt and disappointment easily and for longer.

Highly sensitive daters are usually comparing themselves with others and this comparision often leaves them feeling lacking and unhappy. They find self confidence difficult and are often vulnerable to manipulation.

Sensitive daters have a hard time accepting critical feedback, even when it’s given reasonably and constructively. They feel real or perceived slights and provocations deeply and struggle to rise above them. Unfortunately they often feels awkward in group situations, feeling uneasy or not being able to be oneself.

Highly sensitive daters have to work on their self confidence and focus on personal achievements that they are gaining over their life time. Working on creative projects may help sensitive daters as they can have a talent for creative arts and projects and this could enhance their self confidence. Sensitive daters need to concentrate their energy on things that they are good at to build their positive outlook on life as they have much to bring to a forty plus relationship with the right forty plus dater, who will see and appreciate their empathy and kindness.

Sarah Hussey xx

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