Is cheating part of your history? Meet forty plus daters on Older Dating Online

Is cheating part of your history?  Meet forty plus daters on Older Dating Online 

Forty plus relationships are never easy and they take lots of compromise and effort to make them work. The simplest mistake could be enough to ruin a forty plus relationship significantly.

All love affairs come with their share of challenges and issues but one of the worst is infidelity.

It’s always very upsetting to know that your partner has been unfaithful to you. There is just a certain depth in betrayal that tends to be the most heartbreaking.

When your forty plus partner cheats on you, it can really feel like your entire world has just turned itself upside down.

on you. You try so hard to try to make sense of everything that’s going on. You want to figure out why things just got to this point.

There are plenty of things that can lead to a forty plus partner to cheat and there may not even be a logical reason at all. Sometimes you will need to find a reason to get over the heartbreak and move on in whatever direction that you choose.

It is believed that we are wired to be unfaithful. Emotional distance in a relationship can cause a forty plus partner to seek the intimacy and closeness of another instead to compensate for the lack of closeness in their long-term relationship.

Another aspect could be the way that a person has seen his parents behave and if there has been infidelity in their childhood home. This could make it seem that infidelity is normal and that cheating is acceptable behavior.

Boredom or a belief that the grass is greener on the other side can lead to a partner having an affair. Unfortunately infidelity is a lot more destructive than you might initially think.

Sometimes, in an effort to preserve and hold on to a feeling of youthfulness forty plus  people could resort to cheating on their partners just to add some excitement and drama into their life. Some forty plus partners just want the challenge of chasing someone new as it makes them feel younger again. They want the thrill of the sexual chemistry. Sexual chemistry is always going to be important in an intimate relationship. The old adage that some people are never satisfied could apply here. These people go outside of the relationship and could be habitual cheaters.

A forty plus partner  could lack lack in confidence and self-esteem in a relationship and feeling attractive and desired by someone outside of the relationship to boost their self esteem and feel wanted and needed, if they are not feeling this in a relationship. Looking for love and a boost to their ego.

Sometimes, forty plus people in relationships are going to cheat out of vengeance, to make up for being cheated on. A bit of evening up the score so to speak. Even if you have forgiven your partner the chance to set the score evenly again. They want their partner to feel the same type of pain that they were made to feel.


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