Is finding love when you are forty plus the best on Older Dating Online?

Many forty plus daters are finding that dating when they are forty plus is more enjoyable and better than when they were younger. They are more settled, don’t have the insecurities about life and career and the prospect of finding a mate to have a family. They find that they have more time to think and are more aware of what they are looking for in life.

This is the best time in your life to find and nurture true love and a great forty plus relationship based on friendship and companionship.

All of your life experiences have headed to this point in preparation for finding fabulous, grownup, lasting forty plus love. A  chance to make a difference to all the previous mistakes where you have picked the wrong relationship and been on hundreds of crappy dates or been dumped by your dates. Your time will come and your chance for romance is in your future.

You are ok on your own. You don’t need anyone to make you happy. You’ve had years of creating your own happiness and contentment. You have a support network that has supported you through the tough times. You have stable friendships with whom you can  celebrate and who cheer you on  when the good times happen. You and your life are terrific, but the right relationship can make it even better. This is a great basis for a long term relationship.

When you are more mature you are less emphatic about hanging on to romantic notions of what love should be. Stability and compatibility, with the same values, become more important than butterflies and chemistry.

You have accomplished some goals, and you’ve experienced some hard times along the way. You know life can be hard and is not always fair and that everyone is fallible and complicated.  Your hard times have made you empathetic and your are more patient and understanding.

As you forty plus other parts of your life require less attention and there is more room for travel, fun and playfulness, love and sex. Your life can be more about you.

The pressure of the reproductive years is ending and you can relax and enjoy sex and love and enjoy compatibility like you never have before. Your body may be ageing but your capacity for romantic love remains intact. The need to love and be loved remains strong, if you’re willing to nurture it.

Sarah Hussey xx

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