Love Love Love for forty plus daters on Older Dating Online

Love Love Love for forty plus daters on Older Dating Online 

It’s easy to dismiss the idea of ‘love at first sight’, especially if you are forty plus and have already survived the heartbreak of a broken relationship. However it seems many forty plus daters are finding romantic love online with dating for the forty plus lonely.

Could one look be enough for love? Is the search for love and companionship restricted to the young or is forty plus still young and young at heart enough to experience love at first sight and the romance of a loving relationship.

Prince Harry knew that the very first time that he met Meghan that it was a feeling that could not be denied and that it was a feeling that we all hope for. This hope exists when we enter the world of online dating.

We all long to find the one that makes our heart sing and our feelings flutter.  We hope that we will simply ‘know’ when we meet ‘the one’ and that the spark will be mutual and that we will have a lasting relationship that grows with us and blossoms into lasting love.

The romance of love and the romantic films that Hollywood releases all keep us hopeful and hooked on finding love.

This combination of physical attraction, biased memories, and infatuation are a heady cocktail. The excitement and the joy of that loved up period are all that matters really.

Life being a mix of highs and lows and relationships are no different but underlying all this is respect consideration and a great big lesson in patience.

We are hardwired to make decisions about physical attraction and compatibility. Your brain is an amazing machine and it seems it has you covered when it comes to love.

Are you a ‘love at first sight’ dater or do you believe in a slow and steady approach to new relationships?

Whatever your viewpoint you can find a whole host of amazing forty plus daters for friendship and dating companionship and singles to fall in love with on Older Dating Online. Find your special forty plus relationship today.

Sarah Hussey xx

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