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We all like to make an impression on the forty plus daters we meet and first impressions are very important. Forty plus online dating is a great opportunity to flirt and enjoy the fun of dating and meeting sociable forty plus singles.

Some tips to attract forty plus daters and tactics to approach single people to create that all important favourable first impression.

One idea is to speak into someone’s right ear instead of their left.  Apparently if you approach someone from the right they are likely to be more receptive as our right brain hemisphere appears to be tuned for more positive emotions. I am not sure about this one but I suppose it is worth trying, even if it is just to have a chuckle about later!

Wearing red increases your level of attractiveness. Forty plus men view women who wear red as more sexually attractive. The famous song `Woman in Red’ is a very romantic love song which proves the point, so if you want to attract attention ladies wear red! If red is not your colour of choice then wear red accessories to attract your forty plus date.

Tilting your head just a few degrees can be very attractive and if done occasionally during the mature date can be very appealing. The trick is to make it appear natural and not seem as though you have a stiff neck or a nervous tic! The last thing you need is to look like a parrot ….The idea is to enjoy your forty plus date and not appear false or contrived, but still use little ploys to show your interest in you forty plus single.

Touching your forty plus dater on the forearm is a very attractive method of showing interest, in your date. A subtle and non-invasive touch by both men and woman is a great way of showing, your mature date that you are interested in them.

The most important way to create a fabulous first impression is a natural and genuine smile. A smile is very appealing and compared with other traits wins hands down.  Researchers have that men found woman who smiled readily and in a friendly and genuine manner were the most attractive. Laughing and enjoying each others company should come naturally if you are with someone whose company you enjoy.

Dating online is a fun and exciting way to meet forty plus daters who live and work locally to you. Go ahead meet forty plus daters online and experience the joy of enriching your social life with mature companionship.

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