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Online dating is very simple and quick, and creating your dating profile section is very easy to complete. It allows forty plus daters a glimpse of your personality  and an overview of your hobbies likes and dislikes.

I have come to realise that as with everything, in life, you get out what you put in. If you put in a little thought, effort and time into creating your dating profile it will pay dividends in meeting forty plus singles who are also serious about meeting an interesting and positive forty plus dating partner.

Take the trouble to think of an imaginative and interesting forty plus profile about yourself, after all, as the saying goes `You are worth it!’

Consider the aspects about yourself that you like and make them interesting with a touch of humour. Take a range of aspects so that some are really different, for instance most people like to think they have a reasonable sense of humour. This is a very general statement and humour is different things to different people, so it is a good idea to mention the things that make you chuckle or laugh out loud. As an example your dog, life, Eddie Murphy, walking on the beach, winning at poker, roller coasters!

It is the different and sometimes odd things about you that make you who you are and those are the little gems which will make your online dating profile stand out.

Making yourself stand out online will get you noticed and on the way to making senior friendships and mature dates .

One tip though, it is easy to send a message with the word `Hello’  or a wink, however speaking from experience it does nothing to encourage a forty plus single to reply. Whereas if you take sometime to ask a question or comment on something that interests you on a forty plus daters online profile, they may be more inclined to reply to your message. This type of message opens up a conversation.

If they like beach holidays  ask them about their favourite beach and why that made an impression on them.

This line of communication is important as it, has the potential to start the dialogue.

As with everything put some thought and effort into your online contacts to start the communication with forty plus daters

Sarah Hussey xx

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