Is this the one on Older Dating Online?

Figuring out who you want to spend the rest of your life with isn’t easy, and what makes someone feel like they’ve found the forty plus dater who is  “the one” can totally vary from person to person. But if and when that moment comes, there’s no doubt it’s a pretty magical feeling.

Some forty plus daters respect and love their forty plus date because they are independent and can stand up for themselves. They appreciate people who speak their mind. They stand up for themselves and won’t be bullied and down trodden.

Dating a resilient dater is a good thing especially if you might lack confidence in your own opinions.. This can encourage you to stand up for yourself more.

Having a forty plus dater to encourage you and stand by you and cover your back can mean that you need them and appreciate them in your forty plus life. This makes for a good relationship and you feel that they are `the one!’

Being supportive to each other can mean that you are together for the long haul and have the makings of a great forty plus relationship. If you are in a relationship with a forty plus dater who is always critical and bringing you down then this is not the making of a good long term relationship as living with a critical attitude can destroy your self-confidence.

Being in a relationship with a forty plus dater who empowers you in a relationship means that you are with the one for you.

There are some moments that make you feel that this person is `the one!’ Do you remember the detail of the clothes that the person of your desire was wearing when you first saw them? This kind of heart stopping moment does happen and it is an indication of an immediate strong attraction.

Distance can make you miss the other forty plus dater in your life and feel that you are incomplete without them in your life. Truly missing and loving someone to the core.  It can make you realise that you are completed by that person and that you need them in your life.

Forty plus dating online can put you in touch with the person who makes you happier and completes your life as a long term team.

Sarah Hussey xx

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