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A lot is quoted on things to avoid and look out for when dating online, so called red flags. . There are many advice blogs on them. But on a more positive note what about the ways that you can see if someone is the real deal or a good long-term prospect.

When all signs point to ‘go’? There’s not as much information out there on that, and if there is, it’s more like  ‘you just know‘.

Well, in case you’re prone to chronic indecision, we would like to mention some `green flags’ or signs that the forty plus dater that you are sitting opposite is a keeper or at least a possible keeper.

These are the green flags that proved to lead to happy and healthy relationships., when forty plus dating.

Listen to your dates conversation and remember what they say so that you can reference something back after you have been in conversation for awhile. It shows that you are listening and are interested. It means that even if the forty plus date is out of your league they will find your interest enchanting. A green flag!

Love animals and show respect and interest if your forty plus date has pets or is an animal lover. Animal lovers are always draw to other animal lovers. It will go a long way and will be a huge green flag, but a word of warning don’t dare try to fake it as is not something that you can fake and if you are found out as being false the relationship will be over before you can blink.

Take notice when the other forty plus dater is just as polite to complete strangers as they are to me. If they are polite and friendly to restaurant staff that is a green flag. If someone is rude,  self centered and arrogant then he will be like that to you at some stage too, so avoid that kind of person.

They take note of the things that you enjoy like a book that you looked at and admired and you have positive talking points.  Positive vs negative conversation is a big thing and a big green flag.

When I began dating my forty plus friends he introduced me to his closest friends, which showed me that he was proud to introduce me to his long-term friends. He had long-term friends and they had stuck together through the years, which showed his commitment to relationships through hard times or distance.

These are all good green flags to look out for when forty plus dating online.

Sarah Hussey xx

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