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Being a forty plus dater can mean that you need to take stock of your life in general and  your life-style when you are starting online dating.

Acknowledge how you have changed over the years  and appreciate the changes in your attitudes, life-style and physical appearance.

Dressing and grooming are important and a new look or a change of hair style can work wonders. Also acknowledge that you are possibly less accomodating  and a little more selfish and fixed in your attitude than you were when you were in your twenties, so forty plus dating can be a challenge.

Experiment with new styles and colours in your clothing;  and also view yourself and your attitude to change and try being more flexible with your life-style and you need for a fixed routine.

forty plus online dating is about finding a new excitement and a new lease on life so take the opportunity to make changes to other aspects of your life. Get some flattering under wear and try wearing different styles and a new fragrance. Dating online can be a fun way to enhance your mature friendship circle.

Enlist the help of a trusted forty plus friend, who will give you good solid advice. Invest in some new accessories and a few key pieces to lift and give new life to existing  favourite outfits.

Pay special attention to your grooming and go for a facial and try a new hair style. Try a new colour or highlights on your hair. You will feel fabulous and this will boost your self-confidence.

When you are feeling self-confident, the chances are that you will also feel able to give up a little space in your routine to let someone else into your life.

Take a long hard look at your habits and start eating well and exercising and being active. Take up a new hobby such as dancing or swimming or try yoga for a new aspect on your life. Open yourself up for different possibilities, while appreciating the differences that exist between you and your forty plus date.

Learn to love your independent senior single lifestyle and enjoy meeting singles..Just because you are a forty plus single doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with dating and to enjoying activities such as swimming or bowling.

Sarah Hussey xx

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