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You may have an idea of who you would like to meet when you are forty plus dating online but when you meet the forty plus person that you really connect with those ideals don’t really matter at all.

It’s all about compatibility and those deeper values and personality traits that really make the difference. Approach forty plus online dating with an open mind and you never know who you could meet or what the future holds.

Online dating can be terrifying but the saying that practice makes perfect also holds true for online dating.

Remember that your forty plus date is probably just as terrified as you are. Trust that you are worth dating and that you have a lot to bring to the date and although it will be nerve racking at first but treat it as if you are just meeting another person for a coffee or a drink and that it isn’t a date.Behave normally and trust your instincts. You to can become an online dating champion.

Most forty plus daters online are good. You might not get on with them all and there will be bad dates, but most people you meet online will offer a pleasant evening’s company, even if sparks don’t fly. Always be cautious but, at the same time, don’t assume that everyone online has questionable motives.

If you want to talk to a forty plus dater online, do it. Making the first move ensures you get the most out of online dating and increases your chances of finding a special forty plus companion online.Online dating is easier than you think.

While there will always be some people who don’t share your life values and aren’t right for you, online dating is easier than you might think. It’s the best way to meet people that share your values and personality traits, but you may never have met in your existing lifestyle.

Forty plus dating profile photos really matter. Not only are they the first thing that other daters see but they will be remembered and they are with you for awhile just like a passport photograph. Always be honest about your interests as these are an indicator to the other online daters if you have common interests. This saves time and heartache in the long-term.

Sarah Hussey xx

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