So you think you know everything about love on Older Dating Online?

If you are a forty plus dater who thinks you know all there is to know about love? You might be forced to reconsider your views based on the following:

Love at first sight does exist! Yes apparently , it takes less than four minutes to decide whether you have feelings for another forty plus dater or not.

The eyes have it! Eye contact with a forty plus dater is very important and it is true that the eyes are the window to the soul. It is also true that the eye show the most emotion when you are forty plus dating.
Your eyes don’t lie – watch your pupils dilate when you look at someone you love. Of course there is a disadvantage when you are in the sunshine and your forty plus date is wearing sunglasses. Of course with the weather in the United Kingdom that is not normally an issue!

He says it first. One of the most surprising facts about love are that men are generally quicker to express their love than forty plus women. Men generally say ‘I love you’ before women when in a relationship. Is that possibly because women are cautious about expressing strong emotions too soon in case they scare their forty plus partner off?

The look of love is enough. The thought of your loved one is enough to make you feel joyful and happy.
Just looking at a photo of your forty plus  love can alleviate physical pain.
Love is a drug and falling in love with a forty plus single has the same neurological effects as cocaine!

Forget the idea that forty plus daters with opposite ideas and personalities to you attract as this is not true.
In fact, forty plus daters with a similar level of attractiveness are more likely to end up together and stay together to form long term relationships.

Forty plus singles who respect each other and are polite stay together.So you need to say thank you to stay happy in a relationship. Love has empathy and is not rude and grasping.

Expressing gratitude towards the forty plus partner that you love causes an immediate spike in your happiness levels.

Showing that he wants to commit because apparently despite popular belief single men feel more pressure to settle down than women.

When you are going through a break-up take time to recover and get over the hurt as it takes 28 days on average to recover and move on from a long term relationship. The physical and mental pain of a long term break up takes time to get over and you should not try and rush the process by trying to start another serious relationship.

Forty plus daters are attracted to thrill seekers and adrenalin-fuelled date activity, is exciting and because of this your potential forty plus partner may well seem more attractive.

There’s no such thing as ‘the one’ as forty plus daters fall in love several times in a life time, yes sad but true!
However it is important to love yourself first as forty plus daters who have a high self esteem tend to have longer, more successful relationships than those who don’t.
and finally and probably the most important is that forty plus dates who kiss their partner `goodbye ‘ before leaving for teh day could live happier and healthier and longer lives than those that don’t embrace.

Makes you think dosen’t it!

Sarah Hussey xx

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