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Are you still leaving your forty plus dating to chance ? You could be asking a bit much from fate! You should stop waiting for happy ever after and start writing your own love story by creating your online dating profile.

If you are still dreaming of meeting your forty plus romance by chance you could be limiting your chances of finding love.

It has been found that forty plus people who believe most strongly in the role of fate in romance are less likely to be in a relationship than those with a low romantic fatalism expectation.

Are you still holding on to the idea of happy ever after? Perhaps we need to investigate romantic fatalism.

Forty plus daters who live in big cities are the most proactive when it comes to looking for love. In contrast, people living in the country are the most romantically fatalistic. Women tended to be slightly more susceptible to romantic fatalism than men. Waiting for love to find you could be a recipe for disaster.

A positive belief in making one’s own fate means that one is more likely to create situations in which love actually happens. Meeting forty plus daters online increases you chances of finding love and romance.

It seems as though we would still love to be believe in fairy tales and romantic novels and rom-com movies. Unfortunately they are just that…. fiction.

Letting go of the fantasy can be tough. But remember, you’re forgetting about the fairy tale so that you can write your own love story, by being proactive.

While some couples do meet by chance – exchanging glances on a train platform or bumping into each other in the supermarket – they’re the exception, not the rule. You’re much more likely to meet someone special if you proactively search.

If you’re serious about meeting someone be honest with yourself about what you really want. If you’re looking for a relationship, don’t settle for someone that’s only interested in a fling. Own who you are and what you’re looking for – it’ll make you more attractive, we promise.

Don’t wait for someone to come into your life and complete you. You’re already complete, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Forget about waiting for someone to rescue you so that you can start making the most of life. Go on that dream holiday solo. If you do find love along the way, see it as a welcome plot twist, not the whole story.  Look for partners who accept you as you are, not the fantasy version of you that they’ve created. Remember that happy ever after takes hard work

Most fairy tales conveniently  don’t tell you that even the best relationships take work. There’s no such thing as happy ever after. Couples must communicate, compromise, and share core values to succeed long-term.

Sarah Hussey xx

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