What do you both want from an Older Dating Online relationship?

Finding it tough to know what your forty plus date wants from you? If you’re sifting through mixed messages and baffling behaviour, then you need to get it straight what you want from a relationship.

In today’s world of online forty plus dating, it can feel like everything you ever knew about dating has been turned on its head. It was stressful enough before, wondering why they didn’t put a kiss on the end of their message, but you’ve so much more to content with now.

If you’re confused right now, don’t be disheartened. Every single forty plus who is dating right now is trying to make sense of it all. Here’s how you can start decoding all those mixed messages to find out whether you’re wasting your time, or if it could really be love.

Figure out what you want before you start trying to work out your partners intentions, you need to work out exactly what you’re looking for in a forty plus relationship.

Not everyone who is dating is ready for something long-term. Work out if you are out of a serious relationship or just going through a rough patch and looking for romantic distraction.

It is important to focus on yourself first before jumping into dating . After all, how can you happy with someone else if you aren’t happy on your own?

If he only messages you at the last-minute suggesting meeting up and it seems as though all you do is sexual activity, then they are only interested in a sexual relationship. If that is a mutual requirement then there is nothing amiss, but if you are looking for a full on long-term relationship then it would seem that you are likely to get hurt.

If you are looking for proof that they want to see where it goes, it could be that they take a little longer to make a move on the relationship because they have been hurt in the past.

When they’ve been hurt before, it’s harder for them to let their guard down, and maybe they are worth your patience and perseverance. They’re the ones that want to know about your day – all the details, good and bad. They are open and honest and have nothing to hide and this is a sign that they are ready for a relationship

Anything that matters to you now matters to them. You won’t need to wonder who messages who first as they will instigate things almost every time and assume you’re up for seeing them too, arranging dates in advance. Introductions to their friends come easily.

Sarah Hussey xx

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