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It’s often a complete mystery to daters when someone we like starts showing a mutual interest. It feels great, but it’s still a surprise sometimes that we attract a forty plus dater who is attractive and enticing.

You may feel fortunate but surprised to and this means that we don’t feel in control of the dating experience. However you should be in control of your love life and your forty plus dating experiences. Love and attraction is predictable and controllable.

Dealing with your own insecurities is an important aspect of forty plus dating.

Have you ever found yourself wondering: “Why do they like me?”

This question is connected so innately to our self-esteem that we often don’t want to admit that we wonder about it at all. You need to realise that there can be dozens of reasons why a forty plus dater would like you and find you attractive.

Your lovely smile, your honest and gentle personality and spirit, your sense of humor. Your generosity and kindness. The fact that you are honest and have integrity . Even your physical attributes, like your eyes, your legs and your fabulous comforting hugs. Your perception and common sense. These are all admirable traits that will cause a forty plus dater to find you attractive and ultimately fall in love with you.

I’m sure you get the point.

No one gets tired of hearing how awesome they are. Primarily because this world doesn’t usually broadcast praise and appreciation. Usually, we only hear about our shortcomings.

That’s probably why I treasure the friends I have that remind me of the good parts of me. We always wonder if we’re right about ourselves. This self negativity causes us to be scared to let ourselves relax when we are forty plus dating online .

How do you know, if your forty plus date likes you?

However you need to know that you enjoy the mystery of dating. The uncertainty of wondering if your date finds you attractive is part of the enjoyment of dating. Most daters  like the mystery just as much – if not more – than the reality.

There’s a delicious sense of anticipation and mystery that’s built into the very notion of wondering if your date is thinking about you and looking forward to speaking to you again. You love the thrill of the anticipation.

When you’re anticipating or wondering about a date you’re interested in, your brain will start pumping hormones that help you fall in love in advance.

You can start falling in love simply by letting yourself think about a forty plus daters too much. You don’t even need to interact with them before your brain starts feeling attracted.

It is one of the reasons that you need to arrange to meet the forty plus daters as soon as you can, so that you can find out if there really is a real life attraction.

Be self confident and meet forty plus daters online.

Sarah Hussey xx

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