What is your definition of love on Older Dating Online?

What is love? It’s a question that has been contemplated since the age of the Ancient Greeks.

The question has even been posed :‘What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable of love.’

Love is complex.  ‘love’ has been used to describe everything from a partner and a parent to a band or brand of ice cream. Understandably, this can lead to confusion.

While love has no standard definition, in the simplest terms, it’s an emotion associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth and respect. Every forty plus single  experiences this emotion differently.


Of course, when Forty plus daters talk about love, we can’t simply talk about romantic love. Love exists in several different forms and is expressed and felt very differently too.

What is love? The 7 states of love

The Ancient Greeks were the first to identify and name the different forms or states of love.

This is natural affection, the kind of love that is shared between family members and the  love you have for close friends.

Sexual and erotic desire and a playful form of love, such as flirtation .

Unconditional or divine love.

Long-standing love as experienced in a long-term relationship or marriage

Love of the self.

Breaking love down in this way reinforces its complexity, but it’s also strangely reassuring. Many forty plus people are concerned with how love should look. They worry whether they’re feeling it properly or performing it correctly.

While most mature forty plus people are comfortable with the idea of romantic love.

The different types of love illustrate how love is a feeling that encompasses a spectrum of emotions, all falling under one general term.

It also explains the shifting emotions that often take place within relationships. Love between romantic partners will likely start in the playful and flirtatious state before becoming passionate and sexual before hopefully becoming a long standing stable love .

Love is acceptance and respect

Acceptance is one of the terms most commonly linked to love and the two are closely interwoven. After all, even self-love is depending on being able to accept yourself as you truly are. Respecting each other is a very important aspect of love.

Whether you’re religious or not, most forty plus daters would acknowledge that forgiving someone is an act of love, to accept the bad with the good and react lovingly.

Love is powerful

The pursuit of love can induce forty plus daters to cross continents, leave unhappy long-term relationships, quit jobs, and run away to Vegas to get married.

Love is physical

Seeing a loving smile, hearing loving words, and feeling a loving touch can all reinforce that instinctive feeling that it’s love with another forty plus dater.

Love is language

One of the problems with talking about and defining love is that the word is used to mean many different things. We say we’re ‘in love’ with a partner and that we love our best friend, but we also say that we love pizza or love it when it rains. The more we use it, the less it really means.

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