Why is it that older men choose younger women on Older Dating Online?

Age can become more of a conversation topic the older you get. Is it really just a number when you are forty plus and dating? Maybe it becomes more of a reality when you get older. When it comes to love, romance and relationships with singles it can be common that a lot of forty plus daters start relationships online in spite of their age differences. Dating other forty plus singles online means that you meet many more people than you would not normally meet and that includes daters with larger age gaps than yourself.

Is there anything wrong with singles in a relationship if the age gap is larger than normal? Surely it is a personal choice!

It is common that the single man is usually the older one in this scenario and the forty plus dating market is growing as more older marriages break up.

Why is it more common to see forty plus single men in a relationship with younger women daters than it is for single women to be the older one in the relationships? Although in recent years the rise of the cougar has become more common, but it is still not the norm. Why is it that older women are referred to as a cougar (huntress) anyway ??

Why does this situation exist.?

The age disparities can even go as far as a decade or two. Sometimes the woman in the relationship can be younger than the man’s own children !

Why do some single women get into relationships with men who are much older than them and why do men prefer to be with much younger women.?

One answer could be that it is the image that a younger woman would be better in bed because she could be more energetic and vivacious. Younger women are viewed as exhibiting more life and energy and that makes men feel that they are going to have sex more often. With a single man who is going through a mid-life crisis and trying to feel young and full of energy and he may be trying to hold on to his youth. He will want to keep on doing things that will make him feel younger than he is such as being in a relationship with younger women. Is this because of the male ego.

Most older men find younger women more beautiful with firmer bodies and less wrinkles. This is a view that is common in society, which perpetuates the image that younger is better.

However the forty plus single man might not be looking at a long-term relationship and a younger woman might be more open to a more casual short term relationship as neither dater is looking for a relationship that is overly serious. This makes sense if the forty plus man is feeling that he is chasing forbidden fruit with the realisation that it is not a long term relationship. This makes the chase more enticing and more of a challenge.

An older woman is viewed at demanding more from her relationships. She has life experience and knows exactly what she expects from a relationship. By contrast, a younger woman is viewed at someone who is likely to be more easy going. However this doesn’t always hold up as many forty plus women are very happy with their life and sometimes feel that forty plus men daters would hamper their lifestyle and are therefore loath to merge their life with a forty plus dating man.

Sometimes an older man is looking for someone that he can control and he might want to take charge and a younger woman is likely to be more open to this

It’s no secret that a lot of young women are going to turn to an older man for advice and leadership. He will treat her as a kind of confidence booster for himself.

A lot of younger women just prefer to be with older men these days as an older man can make them feel more secure.


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