Are you giving off the wrong vibes for forty plus dating on Older Dating Online

Are you giving off the wrong vibes for forty plus dating on Older Dating Online
No-one is interested in her. No one is interested in her friends either. Many forty plus women feel like this when they are are online dating.

Are you a forty plus woman experiencing loneliness and a lack of contact with men of a similar age. Many women feel invisible to men.  Most women think finding a successful relationship with online dating is about having the right profile and picture when dating online.

Your forty plus dating profile and picture are important, but finding a successful forty plus relationship starts within you and the mindset you have about both forty plus men and yourself. How do you start this change in your mindset?

It’s so easy to get caught in the negative vibe where we focus on our age and the negative aspects of the number of years. Forty plus women are very desirable, intelligent with interesting life views and experience. There is no need to expect the worst. Personally I make sure that no-one ignores me.

It’s not about the men we want to meet. It’s about how we feel about ourselves that makes the difference.

Yes, men are attracted to your physical appearance. However men are also attracted to your energy. We give off a vibe that men can feel from your profile picture, in emails the two of you exchange, on the phone and when you meet.

When it comes to forty plus dating, there are vibrations you put out into the dating world.

How you feel about yourself is important and is either negative or positive. When you feel beautiful both inside and out, forty plus men can sense this and are attracted to you , your inner glow enhances your outer magnificence and makes you even more attractive to forty plus dating men. Make sure that you are making the most of what you love about you.

Let’s start with your physical qualities. Gratitude for  a body that works and helps you to enjoy life. Arms that are welcoming and hug the people that you love. Legs that get you around and about.

Be positive about your passions.  Travel, gardening, dancing, music, your beloved family and pets. Enjoy your home and your life. Be positive and allow you face to light up with an inner joy. This lighting up is what forty plus men are so drawn to in you.

The second type of energy is the mindset we have when it comes to men. A lot of women think that inside those masculine bodies lives the mind of a woman. Men think differently than women. This can be frustrating us if we don’t speak the language men can hear or understand.

This communication disconnect between the sexes can lead talking negatively about men with your friends, I guarantee this downbeat energy shows up and pushes men away.

If you come from a mindset that men are fun and really cool in their own way, your energy field gives off this vibe instead, which draws men towards you.

Good men are interested in women our age. The secret for attracting them is two-fold.

You want to learn the language men speak and can hear and to come to a place of love and acceptance of self. It’s the only way you can attract a forty plus man who will love you too.

Sarah Hussey xx

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