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Refusing to play games is a simple way to avoid forty plus dating drama and heartache.

It’s all too play hard to get, delaying your message replies, or masking your true feelings or even saying that you have feelings that you don’t actually have. Being honest and not playing games is fair to both you and also the potential forty plus date, that you are communicating with.

If you like someone, act like it. As soon as you change your own behaviour, your forty plus dating life will become much easier and you will in turn be in a position to spot fackers and avoid them

We’re often cautious with our communication. Fear of what other people think makes us hesitant to say what we mean, when we are forty plus and on the dating scene online.

But good communication is essential to forty plus dating without drama and heartache. Take steps to stay in regular contact and be clear and deliberate with your words. If you’re worried that your tone or true meaning won’t be properly conveyed over text, pick up the phone and give them a call or speak in person on a forty plus date.

Be honest as deception almost always leads to drama. Avoid it by being as honest as possible when forty plus dating. Be honest about your intentions; when looking for a relationship or something casual, don’t pretend or be false to fit in or get your own way. Be honest and true to yourself when you are forty plus dating.

Sometimes you’re simply not in the right mental attitude to date. It’s impossible to try dating without drama if you’re not in a good place. Maybe you’ve recently ended a long-term relationship, or you’re struggling with family problems. Dating rarely works when used as a distraction tactic.

When you start dating someone, it’s good to manage and communicate your expectations from the outset.

Make it clear that you expect the forty plus dater you’re dating to stay true to their word.

Set boundaries and stick to them. If you want to avoid people that play games, are emotionally unavailable, or manipulative in their approach to relationships, clear boundaries will keep them at bay. And if someone you’re dating tries crosses or pushes your boundaries, make it clear you won’t compromise. You’ll soon be able to identify the people looking to create drama from those genuinely looking for forty plus love and a relationship.

Sarah Hussey xx

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