Beating loneliness and staying positive with Older Dating Online

Loneliness can strike at any time and it is not only confined  to the forty plus singles. During the working week it’s easy to keep busy, but on dark evenings or long, empty Sundays, forty plus singles can find themselves feeling  lonely. It can be hard to be positive when all you want is to share life with someone a forty plus companion.

Counting  your blessings can be a way of keeping yourself in a positive frame of mind.  Sit down and think about three things you’re grateful for in life. Every time you feel lonely and a little down take the opportunity to be thankful. Even if it is for simple things like a warm bed on a cold night. A healthy well cooked meal. These are all things that we need to be thankful for and it will give us a more more optimistic approach to our every day life and positive optimistic people are attractive people.

Spending time with others makes us feel good and more connected. If you can’t meet up in person, give them a call or even have a text chat.  However  if you need to make more friends , now could be the time to find some more by investing in a new hobby or interest that you would like to take up. This form of self love will make you a more interesting forty plus dater and give you other interests to put on your Older Dating Online profile. interested in. Invest in yourself.

Update your dating profile to ensure that any changes are included and that it looks fresh and inviting. It will gain more interest and make sure your main profile picture is the best that you can be and is up to date and looks happy and positive. Make sure that your dating profile reflects you as an individual and that it is a true reflection of the kind of relationship that you want.

Ensure that you only check your profile once a day so that it doesn’t become to time consuming. You need to have a positive every day life outside of being online. Embrace your quiet time and the time that you spend on yourself and with yourself. Just enjoy being you. You are worth the effort of your own company. Enjoy being you.

Immerse yourself in another world, by taking a walk in the countryside or some self pampering or catch up on that box set that you haven’t had the chance to start. Re-think loneliness. If you feel hurt by loneliness the try and break the isolation by taking up something that gets you out and that interests you. A new sport or hobby or walk around a museum or gallery, go to see a movie.

Remember you’re unique. Life has its ups and downs but, in general, you’re on a journey that you can alter and change.  Work towards your goals, keep learning and growing, and you’ll be fine. Whatever you do, keep loving yourself and take time to care about you!

Sarah Hussey xx


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