How do you behave when you are dating on Older Dating Online?

Do you get nervous when on a forty plus first date? Here are some tips to use when you want to feel charming, confident and charismatic on a first date.

It’s completely normal to get nervous when forty plus dating and some people suffer terribly. There is always the fear that you are either too passive or too forthright and the fear of being rejected was enormous.

Confident forty plus daters are aware of their tone, and communication skills. These daters enjoy the spotlight as they know it empowers them. If you are not confident then maybe you need to consider your behavior.

Take a moment to become more aware of the behavior if you are not getting the results that you desire.


Do you drink too much? Play with your phone? Speak about yourself without showing much interest in your forty plus date? Do you reveal too much about your past and any issues that you might have ? Do you mumble or are you aggressive? Do you expect too much from a first date

These are not winning attitudes and behaviors.

The night before your first forty plus meeting visualise yourself as confident, charismatic and charming. Imagine being positive, open, and having a good dating experience. Imagine that this new you is the real you.

Smile and dress up to be the best stylish person that you can be. Show genuine interest in your date and be positive about your own life and look happy, so relax and smile. Maybe even compliment your date and engage with the conversation in a sincere way. If you stop being too cool and start being charming, charismatic and confident you might find things change for the better on dates.


The more we seek approval, the less we get.  Wanting to be liked at any cost is not being true to yourself and doesn’t mean that you will be respected.  Be true to yourself.


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