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Another break-up. Another broken relationship or a forty plus date that didn’t work out.  It takes a lot of courage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back out there. It can be especially hard when you’ve been in the forty plus dating scene for longer than you’d care to admit, and you feel that you’ve endured more than your fair share of heartache.

Don’t lose hope even though it might be easy to do just that and give up.

As a forty plus dater you my need to appreciate that resilience and courage are qualities that you will need in buckets loads.  Remain positive and open to love. Getting bitter won’t make it better and bitterness won’t improve your forty plus dating experience so keep the faith and have hope.

This attitude not only applies to matters of the heart but to virtually every domain of life.

Getting bitter doesn’t change the circumstance, it only changes you! Remain your normal happy hopeful self, for dating success when you are forty plus.

If we believe all the good ones are taken, then that’s exactly what we’ll experience, when we are forty plus dating online.  We’ll fail to notice the attractive forty plus singles as we are so busy with the feeling of bitterness and past heartaches.

There is  power in maintaining a positive outlook on dating, just as a positive attitude makes other aspects of life easier. Every first forty plus date could be your last first date.

This simple shift in perspective could make  the difference to your attitude and your dating prospects.

Enduring multiple heartaches takes its toll when you are a forty plus dater.

Small shifts in perspective not only boost our emotional state, but also change what we notice. It can give even the most jaded and cynical of us legitimate  reasons to stay hopeful and positive!

Sarah Hussey xx

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