Do you have the traits of the self confident on Older Dating Online?

Do you have the traits of the self confident on Older Dating Online? Why is it that some single just seem to be full of self confidence and yet sometimes the nerves just seem to swallow others daters altogether?.

Some forty plus daters ooze confidence without being arrogant, they seem to be so at ease  and at peace with themselves in their life in general both at work and socially. They are confident parents, great friends and they are easy to be around and spending time in their company is a pleasure as they are relaxed and help others to relax too.  By watching them and identifying what it is they do you can learn and adapt for your own use. The term fake it to make it applies here.

Make sure that you smile and make eye contact and try doing this by having positive thoughts. You cannot be miserable and unhappy if you are grateful. You don’t have to have won the lottery to be grateful. We should be grateful for the food that we have and the warm bed that we sleep in. Many people don’t have those things that we take for granted daily.

Watch what happens to your face when you run negative thoughts through your head. Does your mouth drop and your brow furrow? Now think of something happy or funny and notice how much better your mouth looks and how your eyes brighten and your face looks smoother and lighter.

Confident forty plus people make eye contact, not a strange stare just a happy interested gaze that is comfortable to hold and prolong.. When they talk to a forty plus dater they are happy to hold eye contact because they appear to be interested in the conversation:  to talk to someone and look directly at them. It’s a powerful thing. Try it out. Make eye contact and smile. You just might make someone’s day!

When you walk looking at the pavement ahead of you or down at your feet is a way of closing yourself in. It is not natural and is a way to remain invisible and stay in the safety of your own self contained little environment. Try to extend yourself as a confident online dater.

Walk looking slightly up. It’s amazing the different perspective you get and how much more confident and in control you feel. You get to notice the trees and the flowers and the birds and the people ahead of you, rather than the gum on the pavement and the rubbish in the gutter. It’s such a totally different experience. Vision becomes outward looking and this is what confident people do. Look forward and upward to a dating online future and new friends and forty plus companionship.

Sarah Hussey xx

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