Do you have to be beautiful when dating on Older Dating Online?

When it comes to forty plus online dating, how do you rate yourself physically ?

Rating yourself as average on the looks scale can mean that you receive more messages than those who rate themselves as very or extremely attractive. Several forty plus daters feel that someone who rates themselves as highly attractive could be big headed or `full of themselves.’

It becomes clear that forty plus daters are looking for normal genuine people who have their feet firmly on the ground.

However, because male forty plus daters are looking for attractive women a good flattering picture can be a real asset on a dating profile and can lead to receiving significantly more interest than those who do not add a picture or who do not make sure that the picture is a good one.

This addition of a good attractive picture means that the number of men initiating conversations online increased, in fact when women do make the first move, receive less communication than men. This clearly shows that despite the progressive growth in online dating over the last decade, traditional gender roles of men being the hunter  persist.

The confidence game in online dating is a big factor and it would seem that men are more confident in their pursuit of forty plus dating partners and dating relationships, and place more importance on looks. So, are forty plus men too shallow and driven by looks? Do men aim for women ‘out of their league’. It would seem that they are more likely to risk the rejection or a lack of responses than their female counterparts.

Love and money are important to forty plus women daters and women consider a man’s salary and career even though women’s increased financial equality has changed over the decades.

Online dating singles have found it pays to be kind and natural and displaying more photos also increases the likelihood of receiving messages, with a lovely smile in your pictures.

For romantic women it is a good chance that you will attract interest, however showing yourself as being anxious and needy and also clever are drawbacks for online daters. Yes I am afraid I did say clever!

Smoking and drinking can be a big consideration to forty plus daters.

Culture and religious orientation are all now less important in the overall search for a forty plus date

So by and large forty plus men still make the first move online and they tend to have far more confidence about approaching women with higher levels of attractiveness, than themselves.

As forty plus women we need to have more confidence. Forty plus women need to feel equally empowered to exercise the same choices around senior dating and relationships.

Sarah Hussey  xx

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