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Choosing an outfit for an impending forty plus date isn’t as straightforward as it first may seem. It is a different feeling to getting dressed for any other day! We seem to feel that dressing for a date will secure us a second date. Personally I think it also has a lot do do with common interests and personality too, but then I am not saying that looking well groomed and attractive won’t create a good first impression.

However, in our fashion-forward world where dresses formed from meat carcasses are apparently an acceptable occurrence, it is easy to see how the rest of us got confused.

To avoid a last minute panic always make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready.  Looking good takes time and effort especially when you are getting older so it would be good for forty plus daters to remember, first impressions only come around once.

First dates are not the time to try out your newly discovered ‘casual look’.  Make an effort; show your forty plus date you care what they think and it will also boost your self confidence too.

Select an outfit that fits the event and the venue. If it is venue that you are not familiar with then use the web to research the venue so that you are not caught out in an inappropriate form of attire.

Dress in a comfortable way and make sure that you are dressing to enhance your style and body shape. There is nothing wrong with making sure you are eye catching. A dash of style makes you feel good as a forty plus dater and it will help with your self confidence and go a long way to securing that second date if you want it

There is no need to be overly revealing either; exposing too much skin on a first date is an instant turn-off.

For a first date, you simply don’t want to get it wrong. Ask a trusted stylish friend if you are in any doubt and listen to their suggestions. If they are a friend you respect and trust their advice can be invaluable.

Forty plus first dates can be awkward and nerve-wracking at the best of times, however, choosing your outfit needn’t add to your stress. Select comfortable clothes that make you feel fun, flirty and confident.

Sarah Hussey xx

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