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Wouldn’t you love it if you woke up in the morning and you saw a text from your forty plus man that said, “I miss you!”? We all want to feel that we are desired enough to be missed and that will apply to any age, not only forty plus daters.

That our presence means something to someone is important and makes us feel appreciated and loved.

When forty plus dating, it can be interesting, how you think about your forty plus date.
Your heart wants connection, and because you are so keen for that connection you find yourself doing things that seem to cut you off from the connection you desire.

Calling and texting too much and seeking reassurance with a reply, if this is done too often it can feel desperate and needy. You are trying too hard!

You need to allow your forty plus date the chance to miss you and let them contact you first, rather than always being the first one to make the move.

Forty plus men may appear not to notice the way that women behave but forty plus men are adapt at recognising when women are trying to attract their attention. The feeling of not being able to get away from a persistent date is enough to make anyone want to run in the opposite direction to get a little breathing space.

Some forty plus daters just have a low threshold for ‘together time,’ but you also have to make sure you’re getting your social time needs and desires meet else where and not only in your love relationship!

If you are socially active and satisfied then you might find that you will be the space that your forty plus date wants to fall into and the time apart has been great for your time together. Nothing makes a person miss you and long for you than the space and absence to be themselves. The need to feel a loved one’s hug can be a very strong driving force in any relationship.

It sounds simple, but it’s hard to do when the forty plus date feels like it is a push pull system especially when the relationship becomes intimate, after sex it seems a bit more push than pull.

In order to fully captivate a forty plus man, you have to be operating at a pace that is slower than he wants to go! It is not about playing games it is also about self preservation. Make sure that your time scale is good for you too and don’t allow him to make all the time scales to fit himself.

If your forty plus date isn’t willing to chase you then he is not the right forty plus date for you. Men need to win the prize so make sure that you are the prize worth working for.

This is a requirement of all good forty plus relationships.

Sarah Hussey  xx

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