Is there a reason you click with a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online?

Is there a reason you click with a forty plus dater on Older Dating Online?

Looking for that connection is the most frustrating and sometimes elusive parts of forty plus dating but did you know you can actually connect with most people.?

Have you had a good forty plus date lately? You felt that everything was going so well and yet at the end you knew that it wasn’t going to turn into a relationship.

The difference between a good date and one that you know has the potential to turn into a forty plus relationship is frustratingly difficult to explain.

You could feel a longing to be with this new single person, that you have just met and yet it just wasn’t meant to be.

If you are a romantic and believe in fate or serendipity then this could possibly spoil your romantic notion. There may be a connection between that feeling that is elusive and confusing and psychology. Showing your vulnerable side. It is not always easy to be human and vulnerable in today’s dog eat dog world. Your date is human and vulnerable and if you stopped trying to impress so much and showed them that you are human there would be a connection of two forty plus people on a date…. see the similarities?

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable on a date helps your date to trust you as you are opening up to them emotionally. This vulnerability allows the other dater to lower their guard a little too. This means a faster and more realistic connection between the two of you.

Of course, similar interests help, but you both enjoy similar hobbies then that is a big plus.  If you are real and down to earth then you make yourself more approachable.

Taking an interest in someone by really asking how they are and listening to the answer and giving information about yourself shows that you are opening up and are interested in them too, so expecting information about them in return.

Then the main expression of vulnerability is the fear of loss or not making the grade in the relationship, such `I am afraid that I will loose you or that we will not see each other as much’

Vulnerable language can even help online daters as disclosing what hobbies and interests you have can make you feel very vulnerable so giving out this personal information draws other forty plus daters in as they can let their guard down too..

This kind of communication with other forty plus daters means that they are more likely to experience success in the dating process.

So, the next time you’re on a good  date try opening up a little. Allow yourself to appear human and vulnerable, because that ‘real’ relationship really could be sitting a few feet away.

Sarah Hussey xx


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