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Forty plus online dating can be expensive, if you are dating and meeting forty plus singles indiscriminately .

There are lots of hidden costs, from buying the perfect accessory for your date night outfit to splitting the bill on the forty plus date itself, the cost of meeting forty plus daters can mount up.

There are also added costs to take into account such as the waste of precious time and the cost to your self confidence as bad dates can be painful.

Bad dates take an emotional toll with many forty plus singles admit to being disheartened after a bad dating experience and can be left feeling self-conscious, and depressed.

Some forty plus dating tips can reduce the bad date experience, like being honest on your dating profile. Your profile needs to reflect the real you

The more honest you are about your likes and dislikes, as well as your plans for the future and who you are looking for the more comfortable you will be when you are meeting a forty plus date.

While having shared interests can lead to great date night conversations, true compatibility goes a lot deeper.  Forget music tastes; look for similarities in your lifestyles and outlooks on life.

One of the perks of forty plus online dating is that you have the chance to get to know a forty plus dater better before you meet them. Another top tip that will decrease the cost of dating is to chat to your date on the phone before meeting for a date. This means that if you can’t stand the sound of their voice you haven’t wasted your time and money.

Agreeing to meet for a coffee on a first forty plus date is a good option as it is less intimidating than a sit-down dinner.

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