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Picking the perfect date venue is important. The atmosphere should be relaxed so that you are both at ease and quiet, so that you can have a decent conversation. The food should be decent so choose a restaurant with a varied menu that caters to all dietary requirements.

Don’t be self-conscious about your order. Order a meal that you will enjoy and feel relaxed in eating. If you are hungry then order a meal that will fill you up and satisfy your huger pains. Don’t be self-conscious about your order. Your forty plus date  is a time to spend getting to know each other and eating will be a big part of any relationship, so get used to seeing each other eat right at the onset.

Do you really want to date someone who judges you for choosing a burger over soup, or vice versa?

It’s a universal truth that you can tell a lot about a person from how they treat the restaurant staff. Never be rude to the person who is serving you. Treating people the way you would wish to be treated is a great sign about how you would treat a person you are in a relationship with.

When you are on a forty plus dinner date, don’t be afraid to eat. …but take your time

You might be a naturally speedy eater but racing through your meal when on a forty plus date will almost always come across as rude. It’ll either look like you’re eager to escape or make your date uncomfortable as you sit and watch them finish their meal. Take your time and make sure that you focus on keeping the communication  going as you eat. If you struggle to slow down, try taking a sip of water after every third bite, or make a conscious choice to put your knife and fork down at regular intervals.

Don’t steal from your date’s plate. You don’t know each other yet. You are virtually strangers so however tempting it might be to take a bite of your date’s meal, don’t do it.

Sharing platters are a much more socially acceptable way to avoid food envy. Why not order a sharing board of baked Camembert, sausages, crudities, flatbread, hummus and olives so you can both dig in? However make sure you are not the greedy piggy that eats a lot more than your fair share.

If the date is going well and the conversation is flowing then order the dessert.  It’ll make the date feel like a special occasion and shows that you’re in no hurry to leave. Treat yourself to a luxurious chocolate mousse or spoil your sweet tooth with a spoonful of crème brulee. If the forty plus date is going well, this is one course that it is okay to share.

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