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Forty plus relationships are an important part of a mature life-style.

They are a way to connect, feel understood and be loved therefore it is worth making the effort to create a strong bond. Relationships require work, patience and emotional understanding .  Above all, they need true commitment, good communication, maturity and lessons learned from past mistakes. Relationships can be weakened when these aspects aren’t fully understood or are taken for granted.

Commitment:is an intention to remain constant in belief and action to a single forty plus dating partner without entertaining other options regardless of appearances, difficulties or conflicts which will arise in the pursuit of that ideal.
Communication is key to a successful forty plus dating relationship. The ability to recognize when your forty plus partner needs closeness or distance, respect each other’s thoughts and feelings, notice your partner’s need for sexual contact and expression, and accept your partner “as is”
Make your partner feels valued and important, support each other’s emotional needs and reassure each other of your love and commitment

Mature love vs. Immature love

A forty plus relationship requires mature and healthy love. It is important to recognize the difference between mature love and immature love.
A mature loving relationship waits, respects, gives the benefit of the doubt, listens, trusts, cares, accepts, takes pleasure in the successes and joys of the other forty plus partner, accepts love without question of motive or condition, lets go when necessary.
Immature Love,needs, takes, demands, attempts to change the other, expects, has agendas, rejects sincere offering of love, keeps score, is impatient and intolerant of mistakes, talks but does not hear, substitutes sex for love, is jealous and afraid.

Understanding past mistakes when you are in a forty plus relationship can strengthen a current forty plus relationship just as getting into and appreciating a new forty plus relationship requires learning from past mistakes and applying those lessons to present or future relationships. Study your relationship patterns and learn and mature from those mistakes before moving on to a new relationship.

Relationship laziness, such as parenting our partners, or unresolved circular communication that has no resolution, lacking commitment and having the door always open, and blaming are no way to build a successful relationship.

With a better understanding and insight into the way you interact and communicate with your forty plus partner you will be more successful and build a happier and longer lasting relationship.

Sarah Hussey xx

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