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I will not stress over my forty plus dating relationship status. The reason is that there is nothing to get stressed about, I am a happy forty plus person in my own right.

Seriously. If you have your health, you have incredible opportunities, and you have people in your life who love you deeply, then you are really blessed and you have nothing to get stressed about, even if the rest of the world seems to think that if you are forty plus and single then there is something wrong with you and missing in your life.

You have so much to be grateful for, and too much going for you to wallow in your singleness. Change you sad attitude to one of gratitude and thankfulness.

In 2018 I will not base my worth on the forty plus person who is or is not standing next to me. You need to value yourself and not rely on your relationship status define your self worth.

Your value doesn’t stem from your relationships, your value should be part of you as it  forms within you, and cannot be altered by anyone apart from you.

I will not close myself off from possibility and will not dismiss forty plus daters online just because at first glance their online profile does not match my ideal.

Love can be found in the most unexpected of places, circumstances, and faces. Keep your eyes, and most importantly, your heart open to the possibility of it, and it will begin to find you.

Online dating is a convenience and is now the second most popular way to meet someone, so it’s time to create your dating profile.

The right site for your age group and needs could open a world of possibilities.  In 2018, why not take a chance and try to do things a little differently?  What have you got to lose by taking the reigns of your life, and simply seeing what happens? Contact that interesting forty plus dater.  Be real and do not change who you are to fit somebody else’s ideal

Just because others have found their person, it doesn’t mean they’ve left you behind forty plus dating is not a competition. If you are happy that is all that matters. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being single, especially not yourself and I will not settle for less than being happy with the person that I am in a relationship with.

When it comes to love, you deserve someone who is always there for you, through the good times and the bad; someone who is kind, loving, and honest; someone who gives as much as you do, and someone who inspires and encourages you to be a better forty plus person every single day. There is no need to settle in life or in love. I will not make this year all about finding love.

This year will be about so much more than that. This year will be about learning who I am and living and adventure, which if I need to do that by myself then so be it. This year will be about growing, transforming, and awakening. This year will be dedicated to falling in love… with yourself, with possibility, and with wonder.

I have made up my mind that 2018 will be a beautiful year for me and then what else really matters?

Sarah Hussey xx

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