Older Dating Online and avoiding communication mistakes

First impressions are all important, to form a rapport, with a forty plus date.

This is the first step to finding companionship and forty plus dating romance. In the world of online dating you are relying on the written word to meet intelligent singles and capture interest.

First messages sometimes put singles off, not because you have said anything wrong but simply because they don’t contain the vital ingredients to make someone see you as a good prospect.

Sending a standard message to every single may seem like a way saving time and being the most effective but it’s a strategy that’s more likely to leave you without a response.

A personal message would be far more effective as this would show that you have noticed some unique things about them that you’ve picked up from their profile.

Sharing long emails before you meet them could put them off, rather than persuade them that you are a match worth pursuing.

When you meet an intelligent forty plus single in person you will discover whether there is that vital spark between you. Once that is established, the sharing of deeper, more personal, information is how intimacy will develop.

Personal information such as your surname, phone number, home or workplace addresses should also be held back until you are sure that this is a relationship you would like to pursue.

Messages that are overtly sexual are likely to put many  daters off. Gentle flirting and banter is perfectly acceptable, once a rapport has developed, but coming on strong too soon can make it seem like you are only interested in a quick fling rather than developing a serious relationship.

When forty plus daters are looking for a date, they are looking for someone who is in tune with them. One way of discerning this at the beginning is the length and tone of messages, or a sincere and honest look at their dating profile.

Take the time to create a dating profile. Check spelling and grammar, and write whole words rather than shortcuts could make the difference between your profile being read or instantly discarded.

Sarah Hussey xx

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