Online dating can have its ups and downs but just relax and have fun on Older Dating Online

Your attitude and expectations are important when you are forty plus and dating online.

For a forty plus dater when you create your online dating profile is an acknowledgement that you have your taken destiny into your own hands, and given up any romantic notion of meeting your dating partner across a crowded room or in a queue at Costa.

Online dating, is  just the same as real life forty plus dating  it is just a way of expanding your options in a world that relies on online information more and more.

The sheer volume of potential forty plus dates online and it allows you to find out a lot more about someone than you normally would before you first consider communicating or considering meeting up.

The fact is that the notion of romantic forty plus dating can lead to being disappointed  about internet dating and can turn every date into an interview for a future forty plus partner. Do you want to go on hundreds of interviews.

Dating online with forty plus dates should be fun, it must be about getting out and socialising with forty plus people who you have something in common with. If you met someone at a party or in a supermarket you would not be viewing them as a future partner, so why do that when you are meeting people online. Relax and have fun when you are dating online.

Choose your pictures with care What kind of forty plus dater are you wanting to get to know?

The types of pictures that you choose, the activities and the people you’re with, even your hair and clothes can provide a lot of information for forty plus daters and you want to make sure that the story your photos tell about you is an honest representation of the real you.

If you only ever wear make-up at big events are more comfortable in torn jeans and a T Shirt , then it’s probably worth including some photos which give a truer representation of the person who will be turning up on any potential dates, rather than using the one picture of you that was taken at a friends wedding when you were in a suit or dressed up to the nines. Just saying ! Be real !

You don’t want your forty plus date’s first thought to be how much better you looked online.!

Consistency is also important as two or three great shots and one with you suffering with a hangover can be misleading.

Make sure they are recent pictures at least that way you know anyone contacting you is attracted to you, and not a version of you that looks five years younger, and three stone lighter than you really are now.

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