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The sequence of forty plus online dating is well know, find someone interesting and interested, messages but then sometimes the magic vanishes as quickly as it began and you didn’t even get to have a date.

Once the first flurry of flirting happens, it’s difficult to keep up the pace if you don’t have a date booked in. So to keep the interest flowing it is a good idea to know how to keep things interesting and motivating.

The art of not saying much. Less is more as it keeps the unexpected interest going.Sometimes the intense frequent communication can hinder the chances of a first date.

It’s a delicate balance; you need to ensure the chemistry doesn’t fade away by employing the right amount of mystery, while also making sure you don’t seem disinterested. It’s also important not to tell your forty plus potential date everything, or talk throughout the day, if you do, what will you have to talk about when you do eventually meet for a forty plus first date?

Save the getting to know each other part for when you’re in person.

Choosing how you communicate. Try speaking over the phone, email or a text message es  it’ll help keep things interesting.


Asking a series of random, light-hearted questions.

If you had £2 to spend at the newsagents, what would you buy?

When was the last time you wore a funny hat?

These types of questions bring out the funny side of a forty plus daters and give you a chance to judge the humour side of their personality.

You could send a picture of something that made you laugh, a line from a song that you love, or anything else that shows your thinking of them.

‘What made you laugh out loud today?’ Don’t make your forty plus potential dater under pressure to reply.

Do not chase a response if you don’t get one quickly. When the communication starts to get strained then you will have to meet for a first forty plus date if you want the relationship to florish. Be brave and ask them out!

Sarah Hussey  xx

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