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If sharing a pizza and a bottle of Pinot Grigio has long since lost its appeal as a first date, there are lots of alternatives to consider, depending on your tastes and interests when you are meeting forty plus daters.

Why not choose something neither of you has tried before and give it a go together? Trying something new is a great way of making memories.

For something really different perhaps you could consider a one-day and short-term course. If you are already enjoying ballroom dancing and creative writing to upholstery and cheese making, then perhaps you could invite a forty plus daters along to share the experience.

Plus, there’s always something to see among the exhibitions and shows running in museums and galleries in most big cities and towns. If you’re both bookworms, visit your local library and choose a book for each other and then discuss the choices over a coffee or a pub lunch

If all goes well, you can spend the next date reviewing each other’s choices.

For the more active, why not suggest a walk along a river or in the local park and then a drink or a luxury picnic.

For animal lovers, there’s the chance to enjoy each other’s company and feel good about yourselves by volunteering as a puppy walker at an animal shelter. This bound to appeal to a forty plus daters who has a soft spot for dogs.

When you’re ready to meet up for longer periods and you both feel that you could chance a few days together, a romantic getaway can be a wonderful way to bring your relationship to the next level. Choosing a location where there are interesting places to visit like a castle or a gallery.

A place of interest will give you things to talk about and discuss and a great way of getting to know each other better.

If enjoy the country life, a cottage break is ideal. It offers the cosy feel of a retreat for two and the option of cooking for yourselves.  It gives you the privacy to get to know each and concentrate on your relationship, but a word of caution, only choose this option if you are confident that you really get on well together and don’t need the extra input to be a distraction from the board games and constant together time.

Sarah Hussey xx

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