What are the chances of finding love on Older Dating Online

Just like the lottery have you ever considered what your chances are of finding love as a forty plus single with online dating?

There are millions of singles looking for love and sometimes the search can feel impossible.

We are all different and sometimes looking for that special forty plus single dater can be quite a challenge. People have a range of different personality traits, specific likes and dislikes and, of course, different deal-breakers. These complexities, combined with personal preferences, can make falling in love and finding someone with common interest difficult and even more so when you are forty plus. So we need to stack the odds in our favour when it comes to finding forty plus love.

Age  has an impact. Most of us feel comfortable dating within a few years of our age group so we need to make contact with people who are within our age range and also within our locality. This narrows our choices down and as much as we don’t like to admit it, looks matter too.  So there needs to be an attraction visually or we will not even really make the initial contact. There are other factors to consider too. Your moral outlook, taste in music and common interests and whether you prefer cats or dogs can all reduce or improve the probability that you’ll find someone right for you. Not to mention your passion for Game of Thrones and his passion for sci-fi.

This all sounds very superficial but the basics are true, if we really get down to it. So we are really cutting down the odds now aren’t we?  Something like the next Prime Minister being Brad Pitt!

So how can we improve those chances of finding that special someone online? The secret is meeting more people, or more specifically, meeting more of the right forty plus people. Just like sales it is a numbers game.

Giving online dating a go is one of the simplest ways of increasing your likelihood of  finding new forty plus dating opportunities as people in new locations, while still being within a reasonable dating distance, become viable options. In fact, every extra mile increases your dating opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Beat the odds and start making changes that will make all the difference in meeting forty plus daters who have similar interests and have also made the commitment to finding that someone special. Every day online could make all the difference and put you closer to love and romance. You can’t win the lotto without the ticket and you need to be online to find an online dating partner.

Sarah Hussey xx

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