What are the reasons that you are not successful on Older Dating Online?

When love falls apart and a forty plus relationship fails it can be hard to work out why. At the heart of a successful forty plus relationship is mutual respect and a desire to spend time with the other forty plus partner.

It is no secret that we will portray a particular, airbrushed version of ourselves in the initial throes of forty plus dates and on an Older Dating Online profile.

The start of a relationship is exactly that, a finite period that will slowly develope into a longer term and the reality of the different personalities will appear and become part of the normal lifestyle.

Taking things slow at the start of a forty plus dating relationship will make for a stronger dating relationship based on deeper trust and compatibility.

Unfortunately, when there are other stress points like when finances are in disarray or unfair, it can create some deep-seated issues related to trust, safety, control and survival.

Like it or not, a person’s family and upbringing shapes the forty plus person they are as a friend and partner. These factors can have a big influence on a long-term forty plus relationship.

Selective or false memories are a common problem and we are all guilty of this personality trait. We will remember the same event different and we all have our own take on events in an attempt to create the narrative we feel we deserve.

More often than not in a forty plus relationship there are more than two people, but the web of family and friends they have spun together. When family and friends take sides it can place a strain on the forty plus dating relationship and it is always better to take online dating slowly at the start of any relationship as this gives time for the relationship to grow and mature through the possible issues, that most relationships have. We can’t please all people at all times, however usually all they wish is for you to be happy.

Sarah Hussey xx

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