What makes forty plus daters use Older Dating Online?

The conference made me do it. My forty plus friend and I were sharing a hotel room at a week long business conference. After a day of dry lectures and an evening of happy hours and conference socialising, we were tired, a bit tipsy, and slightly giddy, as two forty year old women can be ! As we sipped wine and gazed out at the hotel’s infinity pool and the lights of the city, we talked about how nice it would be have to have a romantic mature date with us.

Naturally, the topic turned to men and the atmosphere in the room began to resemble a slumber party. So we started creating our Older Dating Online profiles. We sat side by side, swiping right and left, exclaiming with glee when we saw a mature man that took our fancy.

I never thought I would turn to online dating  for forty plus romance. However, here I am creating my dating profile.

I’ve met men online who are interested in both serious and casual relationships. I would love to fall in love again. However I am also someone who enjoys my independence and private time, so online dating is perfect for me. I don’t have to live with my date.

I’ve learned a lot about online dating. There is an ego boost to meeting a forty plus dater  you find attractive, and learning that they find you attractive as well. Especially for women who are forty plus and older.  I no longer feel `invisable’

I’ve also learned there are forty plus  men actually interested in dating.  While I’ve had my share of ridiculous, pointless contacts,  I’ve also met men interested in real dating.

Of course you also go on dates that determine that you want different things from a mature relationship. or perhaps you are too busy or too scared to  really give the relationship a chance.

Of course you will always get the forty plus dater who is looking for friends with benefits.  I do get lots of approaches from much younger men , which I view as a compliment but for me it is not of interest.

Online dating has it’s advantages in that you can see the other daters hobbies and interests and how serious they are by the way they fill in their profile. If someone has taken time to create a good profile they become more interesting and I am more likely to communicate with them.

For me, the benefits of using online dating far outweigh its drawbacks. Rather than wishing on a star or trusting to luck  and blind chance, I will take matters into my own hands, swiping right towards my next romance.

Sarah Hussey xx

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