Wondering how your date feels about you on Older Dating Online?

Are you suffering with conflicting dating signals? There are signs that your forty plus date is taking you seriously.

We have all been on dates and felt a connection but ended up feeling unsure about their feelings towards you. Are they still in the considering you as a friend.? Is there something more serious starting in the dating relationship? Other than asking out right how would you know where you stand in the relationship?

The simple rule is: if they like you, they will keep in touch.. How long it takes them to make contact or reply is always an indication that they are keeping an eye out for your messages or want to be in your company. Of course contact will depend on their personality but, if they are not playing games, it won’t take more than one or two days. That’s not to say you shouldn’t make the first move.  However, if you find that you’re always initiating the conversation then you might need to evaluate whether they really are interested or just being polite. You also don’t want to be communicating with someone who is contacting someone else and views you as a side line!

Look out for subtle signs that he likes you more than a friend. Do they appear relaxed and open in your company and are they finding excuses to touch you or hold hands? All these signs are a good indication that they are enjoying your company.

When a forty plus date likes you, they will make an effort to remember details and listen to what you are saying and they will realise what is important to you and acknowledge that. They will want to impress you by demonstrating that they are paying attention to things that you say and they will start opening up to you too. Don’t be surprised if they start sharing personal details with you.

Paying you compliments is one of the clearest signs  that they like you. It is a way of making you feel good and telling you that they have noticed what you are wearing and that they appreciate you and the effort that you are making.

If your date takes an interest in your interests then it is a good sign that they like you and appreciate the things that are important to you. Actions often speaker louder than words. If they suddenly expresses interest in going along to your rugby match or agree to going to a movie that you have expressed and interest i seeing then it is good indication that they want to be a part of your social lifestyle. The same applies if they introduce you to their friends and family it means that you are being invited to join their life.

Eye contact as a body language clue is important and holding eye contact is more than just flirting, it is an intimate sign that there is a deeper attraction.

You can find love and romance online when you are forty plus.

Sarah Hussey xx

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