An Older Dating Online profile is easy

When you start forty plus online dating  it might be a little daunting to start your profile.

The best idea is to write it in little sections rather than trying to write it as a whole chuck of endless information

The profile photograph  is very important and will provide a great start on your online profile. Your photo should convey an image that is accessible and not severe or intimidating. You really don’t want to look stern and unapproachable.

A friendly smile and looking directly at the camera is the most flattering for online profiles. Taking a picture of yourself looking in the mirror is not a good look and it makes you look as though you have no social life and no friends.

Additional pictures should re-enforce your interests and hobbies, whether it is travel or working with animals, a picture with your interests are a great addition to your forty plus profile.

The point of a profile when you are dating is a chance to tell other forty plus daters about yourself. A good place to start is what you are passionate about. I am passionate about travel and I do as much as I can at every opportunity, both home and abroad. So my profile tells daters about places I have been and my favourite destinations.

I am also passionate about animals so another interest of mine is working with animals and the fact that I campaign against animal cruelty. These interests tell forty plus daters that I have outside interests, which will form part of my lifestyle and it will allow an insight into my life and character.

Telling online daters about my hobbies such as gardening is another step towards letting prospective forty daters the type of things that I am interested in and the things that matter to me.

My goals are important as is what I am looking for in a forty plus relationship. If you are looking for companionship or friendship or romantic dates let other online daters know what you are seeking so that they have a better understanding of why you are online so that there is no misunderstanding.

Sarah Hussey xxxx

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