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Sometimes it’s great to take a second look or get a different option on your forty plus online dating profile.

Whatever your gender on Older Dating Online it is always nice to get praise but sometimes it can be just as vital that someone makes a comment on how you can improve your chances.

Having my own .profile on Older Dating Online I have come across some profiles that I would like to make suggestions or offer congratulations. It has also taught me a lot about how I can also make changes to my own forty plus dating profile to attract more messages and improve my forty plus dating chances.

When you are online dating it is important to be honest about the things that you are passionate about.

I am an animal lover so animal rights are important to me so I list that as one of the things that I am passionate about. If I had a beloved pet I would mention that here.

I love reading and so I would tell other forty plus daters that I love quiet time to read and would perhaps mention my favorite books and the type of music I listen to. This allows other daters to realise that you enjoy peaceful relaxation.

If you are very active mention that you like hiking, skying, sailing or whatever it is that keeps you fit and active.

I enjoy travel so seeing the world is a passion of mine, so that would rule out people who are not interested in flights, airports and foreign countries.

If you are looking for a person who has a love of exploring or going to music venues, current events and even history then these are things that you should list as your interests. All these things are important to you so they will need to be of interest to the forty plus dater you are seeking. If you have a Harley Davidson and enjoy roaring around the countryside it is pointless if you meet someone who like me would not get on a motor bike.

The most important thing I am looking for in a person is someone who is loyal respectful but honest about what they are thinking and not afraid to speak up for themselves but is kind and considerate while doing so. There are many hurtful people in the world and that is unnecessary, you can put your point across without being nasty and unkind.

I dislike bullies and so I will not be interested in anyone who tries to manipulate or use emotional blackmail to get their own way.

Things that I love about my life, my health, the places that I have seen and been to, my friends and family, my lovely little dog, being in a position to keep learning and growing as a person.

I tend to joke around a lot when I’m with friends so people who don’t know me might not realise that I have a serious side too. Also, even though I’m confident and talkative most of the time I do still tend to be a little shy sometimes, especially in large groups. I have a sense of humour that can be a little dark at times as I make fun of the terrible state of the world, not because I find it laughable but because sometimes it is the best way to cope with the situation. I escape by reading and watching things like Game of Thrones.

I feel that I am, dependable, a good listener, hard working and thoughtful oh and I am a vegetarian.

This kind of profile gives a good amount of information without being intrusive and it allows other forty plus daters to get an idea about whether you have compatible interests
Sarah Hussey xx

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