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It is natural on a dating profile to expect to see a picture of the person and some relevant information about the forty plus single.

It is not that we are all looks obsessed but when you are dating online relating to a recent picture is a pretty standard requirement. In fact most online daters will put a filter on their searches to only show profiles with pictures. Putting relevant editorial information is just as important. If a forty plus daters has not bothered to fill out a bit of information about themselves then it is much easier to look at the next profile in line.

Online dating gives forty plus daters a much greater choice of single forty plus people to meet in their area.

Online dating provides a lot of information about a forty plus date even before you have met on a first date. How willing would you be to meet up with a forty plus dater who had no profile picture.?

In real life we’re forced to evaluate a mature forty plus person by their looks first and foremost. We catch eyes across the bar, we check each other out on the tube or we even start chatting at work. We’ve already made those instantaneous calculations that give us an opinion about the forty plus person we are communicating with. We may know very little about then other than what they look like and possibly how they dress.

A picture makes online dating feel a little safer too. Seeing a picture is a way of connecting and imagining that you are communicating to a person. When you speak to a person on a telephone you are hearing their voice and the tone of their communication. When you are communicating by email and you have no picture it cuts the senses and imagination down still further, so you are really only communicating in the one dimension.

Add a picture to your profile for dating success. After all, there’s something reassuring in scrolling through a photo album, getting to know your date so at least one thing is familiar when it comes to that first ‘hello’.

Sarah Hussey xx

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