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Life can have set backs and upsets and everyone has to deal with them at some stage in their life. Most forty plus daters will have needed to deal with their fair share of lifestyle issues.

Having a positive attitude and trying to find a positive aspect to set backs can be character building, but sometimes it is just too big and issue to enable you to do that. However most people will agree that resilience is what makes the difference between those who survive set backs and go on to thrive, and those who don’t.

Are you a forty plus single who feels beaten down by life? Take some positive steps to banish loneliness, if you are coping with a break-up and meet intelligent forty plus daters for companionship and romance to help you get up, brush yourself off, and move forward:

Since everyone encounters adversity of various kinds, many forty plus singles can relate to your particular struggles. Reach out to loved ones in times of need and meet intelligent mature companionship, to get yourself out of the rut that you are in.

Stay focused on the many good things happening for you. It is helpful to keep a daily gratitude journal to keep things positive. A positive attitude can make facing life’s challenges easier .

Looking back at how you have met challenges in the past and achieved success despite the hardship that you have gone through and increase your self confidence in dealing with this new challenge.

If know other forty plus singles who have endured misfortune you can learn from their indomitable spirit, experience and wisdom. Being fifty plus comes with its own challenges but also the wisdom and the resilience to cope with them.

Your emotional reserves will be replenished through physical well-being (exercise, adequate sleep, proper nutrition). Make sure that you look after yourself and keep healthy routines. Treasure yourself and meet other forty plus singles for companionship to take your mind of your hardship. Treat yourself very well, with plenty of kindness and grace. When you are going through a rough spot, taking things one day at a time can be very comforting. Just focus on making the present moment the best you can. The rest will all take care of itself.

We wish the world we live in would be predictable and reliable. To remind yourself that you live in a beautiful world go for walks in the lovely countryside and get closer to nature. Being close to nature has many healing attributes. Often, overcoming hardships is a matter of applying grit and determination. You can do it!

Sarah Hussey xx

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