Have you ever encountered a narcissist on an online dating site?  Older Dating Online means that you can move on

Narcissists  use words to deceive, coerce, seduce, and mislead.

Verbal misleading is their method of manipulation and they have the ability to say the right thing at the right time to confuse, belittle and degrade their intended target.

They seek to make their victims feel worthless so that they may subjugate them to their will. This can be extremely damaging  to those on the receiving end; they can lead to anxiety, depression, and other psychological effects.

The traumatised victims can be left  mentally crippled by the onslaught, not understanding what is happening or how to escape from it. That is why it is so important to recognise the type of language used by narcissists. This will enable a quick escape should you ever get lured in by one.

If you are trying to recover from a narcissistic attack it will help with the recovery and help you to regain your self confidence and move on with dating a more suitable forty plus dater.

Maintaining that you are overly sensitive or that you have mis-understood and therefore their thoughtless cruel remark is actually not thoughtless and cruel after all and it is basically your fault for taking it as such. This forty plus dater is not worth your effort and a red flag should be telling you to run away very fast. This is the foundation of a narcissist’s verbal abuse.

This is not simply a small flaw in their otherwise charming demeanour. It is just mean! This is significant red flag. These comments will get more and more significant and insidious.

They will intersperse these horrible comments with comments and declarations of intense feelings of attachment towards you, they profess to having feelings that are  more intense than they have ever felt before. This grooming of a forty plus dater is designed to build up your tolerance for even more nasty comments to follow, which of course will be your fault.

They mislead you into thinking that all the best forty plus dating relationships are explosive and passionate and that this means that your dating relationship is ultra special and very precious. The relationship of abuse and blaming becomes harder to break off, after all it is very special and deserves to go the distance.

Insults or criticisms are dismissed by claiming that they didn’t really mean them and that they were joking.. If the jokes are not funny and are causing you distress then move on and find another forty plus dating  partner with whom you can both laugh together

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