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By creating an online dating profile you are in fact admitting that the chances of meeting a special forty plus dater in the old fashioned way is very unlikely.

The chances of meeting a suitable forty plus love interest across a crowded Tube carriage, on the bus or at the supermarket checkout, are pretty unlikely even though it seems to happen all the time in Hollywood.

Starting online dating isn’t a question of giving up on romance altogether.

It’s just a modern way of  making use of a media that allows you to meet forty plus daters further a field and lets you learn a lot more about someone than you normally would before you start chatting.

Don’t let forty plus dating online turn into an interview for a future husband or wife.

Dating is supposed to be fun! So, with that in mind, try not to expect too much from any early meetings. Enjoy the occasion for what it is. A long term commitment should not be the main objective at the onset of meeting a senior dater.

Putting to many expectations on a first date can create unnecessary pressure. The key is, of course, to stay calm and carry on!

Even deciding what to wear can be a challenge. It means being yourself, just a slightly glossier, shinier, more well-pressed version.

Everyone, of both genders has something in their wardrobe that makes them feel more confident and gives them a little boost. It’s the equivalent of a favorite meal  or a drink and a compliment. Wear the outfit that makes you feel like that and you will be relaxed and comfortable and will boost your self-confidence.

If you’re worried that it is not appropriate then adjust it slightly by adding a jumper or a cardigan or a different pair of shoes. Wear a casual worn leather look jacket or use a different handbag. Wear comfortable shoes in case you go for a walk .

Opt for a new accessory that you wanted anyway and will use again regardless of the romantic outcome of your night out. Keep it stylish, simple and freshly laundered and you can’t go wrong.

The secret is to relax and view the date as an opportunity to meet a new person and chat openly about yourself and find out a little about a possible new friend or forty plus companion. Enjoy the chance to meet new people and don’t concentrate on finding a life partner.

Sarah Hussey xx

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