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Is finding forty plus companionship online right for you ? It has worked  for many people and it is the way that many forty plus singles meet their long-term partners now.

We all know that sometimes dating can feel time-consuming and hard to fit into a busy forty plus schedule.  Finding the dater who is right for you and fits in with your life-style can be hard work as a single person who is busy and already living a full, complete life might struggle to find time to date without it feeling like a second job or a task rather than a fun and exciting past-time? Online dating can make all the difference to that time pressured forty plus single.

Don’t let forty plus daters feel like a chore.  Make the experience enjoyable by integrating  dating  into your spare time.  Log online while you listen to your favourite music on Lovesongs24/7 for daters who love songs. Look at online profiles with a glass of wine in hand, and get in the dating mood while listening to the great songs you love on Lovesongs24/7.

You’ll be surprised by how many of your non-single friends want to help with your online dating and are interested in your experiences.

Not only can they help you write your dating profile, but use them to check that the finished profile sounds like you and is flattering but truthful.

When it comes to planning your first forty plus date, don’t be restricted by ordinary date ideas.  Is there an exhibition you wanted to visit, or a show you were trying to see?  Your spare time is precious as a busy forty plus single, so make the most of it by incorporating  dating with your social life.  If you’d rather not waste your time having awkward drinks at the local or coffee with a stranger, don’t date that way!

The great thing about choosing dating activities which are based on activities you’d normally do, is that you’re immediately showing who you really are to your date.

If your forty plus date doesn’t appreciate your choice of dating idea, then that may help you work out how suited you are to one another.

Sarah Hussey xx

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